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17.04.2019 19:30 Uhr

ON - Neue Musik Köln, Köln


Lawrence Casserly (GB) - electronics

Bettina Wenzel (D) - voice

Peter Alexius (D) - guitar

"...the certainty is that Lawrence Casserley can be more innovative and creative than many of the ringleaders of the young generation of 'laptoppers'."
Rui Eduardo Paes

Lawrence Casserley (born Essex, England, 1941) is celebrating fifty years of making electronic music. He has devoted his career to the creation and promotion of live performance electronic music in a wide variety of ways. In September, 1967 he became one of the first students of electronic music on the new course at the Royal College of Music, London, taught by Tristram Cary. Later he became Tristram’s assistant, and subsequently Professor of Electroacoustic Music before taking early retirement in 1995 to follow his performing career. In 1978 he took part in the conference at York University that led to the founding of EMAS, of which he became a founding member and regular participant.

Since leaving the RCM he has worked with many of the leading improvisers, particularly Evan Parker and his Electracoustic Ensemble. While he focuses primarily on the real-time transformation of other musicians’ sounds, he also uses voice, percussion, home-made instruments and found objects as sources for his Signal Processing Instrument.

Casserley’s instrumental approach to live computer sound processing is the hallmark of his work, which is documented on many CDs, and he has performed and given workshops throughout Europe and in North and South America, Asia and Japan. Casserley’s many collaborators have included Viv Corringham, Bob Cobbing, Simon Desorgher, Hugh Davies, Harri Sjöström, Evan Parker, Martin Mayes, Melvyn Poore and many others.


Ort: ON - Neue Musik Köln
Alte Feuerwache / Branddirektion / Melchiorstr. 3
50670 Köln