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23.02.2019 11:00 Uhr

Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Köln

Wormed Voice - Hardware Workshop with Martin Howse

Build your own unique touch-based speech synthesizer and explore the theory and technique of animal and human voice synthesis.

Wormed Voice is a two day practical workshop exploring the physical, electronic and software simulated creation of non-human voices and vocalisations. The history of speech synthesis stresses the mundane, the military and the spectacular, commencing with Van Kempelen’s 18th century rubber squeaking or speaking machine. The basic principle of simulating the vocal tract through electronic and physical means was submitted to the military demands of compression and encryption, segmenting out parts of the speech process and reducing redundancy.

In the process communication becomes the business of circuit-bent human-worms, opening human and animal speech to the cut-up, to stammerings, stutterings and tics; to an extra-human, outer-word terrain of numbers burrowed and nibbled by the earthworms.

The workshop will feast on this electronic legacy. Participants will learn the basic principles of voice synthesis and produce a custom-designed touch-speech synthesizer which they can expand at will.

This workshop is led by Martin Howse. Martin Howse is occupied with an investigation of the links between the earth (geophysical phenomena), software and the human psyche (psychogeophysics) through the construction of experimental situations (performance, laboratories, walks, and workshops), material art works and texts. He is equally the creator of the skin-driven audio divination noise module, The Dark Interpreter, and the ERD modular synthesizer series.

The workshop will be held in english language.

If you want to participate or have any questions about this event please contact info@grundgeraeusch.de

Participants will be charged 30 EUR for covering the costs of material and equipment supply.

If you do have a good soldering iron that would be great to bring along, but is not absolutely necessary.


Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln

Filzengraben 8-10, Raum 0.21

max. 12 Plätze (nur mit Anmeldung)

Materialkosten 30 €

Foto: Iona Vreme Moser

Ort: Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln
Filzengraben 8-10
50676 Köln